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Flight Deck Audio
Passenger Address

Avtech’s communications products range from cutting edge fully digital flightdeck intercommunications systems to highly intelligible Passenger Address and Cabin Interphone (PACIS) systems. Included within our communications product line is our full line of Selective Calling (SELCAL) products. Our SELCAL products are both airborne and ground based. Airborne SELCAL includes products from space saving panel mounted fully enclosed SELCAL panels to fully compliant ARINC 714 SELCAL decoders, installed by the majority of the world’s aircraft manufacturers. Ground based SELCAL products include a 19 inch rack mounted encoder that can be easily interfaced into the radio rack to transmit SELCAL tones to the aircraft. Also included in the ground based SELCAL products is our SELCAL ramp tester which allows the user to send either a VHF or HF SELCAL tone directly to the aircraft.

  • Full range of SELCAL products offered, both ground based and airborne
  • Avtech’s audio systems are standard equipment aboard Boeing 737NG, 767-400, 777, and 787 aircraft 
  • Passenger Address systems feature an integrated cabin interphone controller eliminating the need for a external switching unit
  • Avtech’s Passenger Address amplifiers use a unique Class D amplifier saving system weight and efficiency

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