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Rods and Struts
Rods and Struts

AvtechTyee is a world leader in the design and manufacture of light control rods, interior payload support tie rods and engine load bearing struts and braces for the Aerospace industry.

Our products perform a wide range of duties, from transferring pilot input to the aircraft’s flight control surfaces and data recorders, to securing major aircraft structures such as, floor beams, kitchen galleys, engines, interior panels and overhead stowage bins.

AvtechTyee’s engineering and manufacturing expertise, coupled with a customer orientation, has positioned us to be your “solution provider” in the development and production of support structures for commercial, military and Space programs.

AvtechTyee’s roots date back to 1948 with over 40 years of experience in unique swaging, forming, machining, and assembly of close tolerance metal components and systems.