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Flight Deck Controls
Flight Deck Controls

Avtech has extensive experience in developing precision electro-mechanical
controls for the flight deck, with safeguards and redundancies built-in to prevent an accidental command.  The controls provide both the tactile and visual feedback required for the pilot to be confident the command given has been properly translated into a control surface or landing gear action.

  • All engineering, production, and testing are performed in-house to ensure quality.
  • Landing gear, spoiler and flap controls available off-the-shelf
  • Rated for abuse loads of 100lbs or more
  • Optional mounting plates and cable harnesses to simplify the electrical and mechanical interface to the aircraft
  • Lighted gear or flap position indicators integrated with other assemblies
  • Knob illumination available
  • Linked gear options for tandem (front/rear) cockpit integration
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