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Windshield Temperature Controllers

Avtech’s windshield temperature controllers (WTC) are onboard many regional and corporate aircraft. The Avtech WTC unit senses windshield temperature, controls the flow of heating current, and has BIT functions to detect failures in the windshield heater element and temperature sensors. In case of a failure, the unit informs the Engine Indicating Crew Alert System (EICAS) of the failure. The controller is designed to minimize windshield stress by incremental temperature ramp warm-up. The unit provides windshield overheat protection and is built to meet lightning strike, precipitation static, and HIRF requirements.

Historically, Avtech has worked with windshield manufacturers and OEMs to custom tailor the WTC to fit the application and airframe requirements.  Contact Avtech to create your custom controller today.

  • Custom designed to meet the airframe/windshield requirements
  • BIT options available
  • Protected against the harmful effects of lightning strikes, precipitation static and HIRF
  • Slow ramp up prevents undue temperature stress on windshields
  • Protected against heater runaway by integrating short and open sensor protection
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