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Harmonic Filter

What happens with your aircraft power system when you add in-flight entertainment, internet connectivity, powered seat controls, mood lighting?  The answer - some form of power degradation will more than likely occur.  These quality problems can manifest themselves in many ways: unexplained computer lockups, overheated motors and transformers, frequent circuit breaker tripping, fuse blowing, communications interference, insulation failures, power bus switching problems or fluorescent lamp flicker.  Problems as severe as auto-pilot shutdowns have also been reported.

Avtech’s revolutionary Active Filter solves many of these issues.  The Active Filter is connected in parallel with the AC line, and constantly injects currents that precisely correspond to the harmonic components drawn by the load.  The result is really magic and the power bus remains sinusoidal.

  • Clears up power line distortion caused by installation of in-flight entertainment systems
  • Prevents unexplained computer lockups, auto-pilot shutdowns, frequent circuit breaker tripping, and various other interference related phenomenon
  • Cancels primarily the 3rd, 5th and 7th harmonic frequencies
  • Can be installed on any point in the aircraft electrical system
  • Provides up to eight amps of harmonic cancellation current
  • If more filtering is required, multiple filters may be added in parallel
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