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GPS Electronic Clock

Avtech’s Electronic GPS Clock is designed to be a generic aircraft flight deck clock and timing reference and is standard equipment aboard the B737 Next Generation, B767-400, Asian Regional Jet (ARJ21) and the Russian Regional Jet (Super 100) aircraft.  This highly accurate clock provides Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and date, Manual (MAN) time and date and elapsed time.

A chronograph with sweep second pointer and Elapsed Time is useful for timing in holding patterns, procedure turns, and approaches.  This feature can also be externally controlled.

In addition to providing a visual time and date reference to the pilots, the clock is capable of receiving and transmitting the time and date information over the aircraft’s ARINC 429 bus.

Avtech’s 9010 series clock has been selected by Boeing as standard equipment aboard B737 Next Generation and B767-400 aircraft.

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