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Avtech is the leading manufacturer of flight deck audio for the air transport and regional airline markets and our systems are available for many different aircraft interfaces ranging from Digitally Controlled Audio Systems (DCAS) where the connection between the Audio Control Panel (ACP) and the Audio Management Unit (AMU) is digital and the audio is handled in the analog domain to full digital AFDX fiber optic Ethernet systems where all communications are handled digitally.

Each architecture offered by Avtech is unique to the airframe and each has its own merits and advantages. Contact Avtech to find out which system best meets the needs of your aircraft project.

  • All systems certified to RTCA TSO C50c
  • AMU’s include built in speaker amplifiers
  • Housed in standard ARINC 600 form factors
  • Internal self-test capabilities allow technicians to diagnose problems without external test generators
  • Full system solutions available including jack boxes, speakers, handsets, microphones, SELCAL and Audio Control Panels
  • Can be directly interfaced with Avtech’s PACIS (Passenger Address and Cabin Interphone) systems for a flight deck to cabin audio solution
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