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COTS Military Audio

The use of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) equipment for flight deck audio provides significant commercial and technological advantages to removing the system that came standard with the airframe and installing an entirely new audio system.
In many cases, the audio system that came standard with the target airframe can be easily modified to meet the military radio complement and environmental requirements at a fraction of the cost of removing the standard system.

  • Using a COTS audio system eliminates waste; removal of the standard system, rewiring the aircraft and installing a new system.  In many cases the COTS system has technological benefits exceeding the original military systems
  • Avtech’s audio systems are designed with extra capability that can be leveraged for use on military platforms.
  • Our in-house environmental test facility can re-certify the standard system to more rigid military environments
  • Our lighting experts can design custom filtering to meet the specific NVIS requirements of the military platform
  • Having a FAA TSOd product as a communications link is a valuable asset in military applications traveling in commercial airspace and airports
  • Avtech’s COTS products have been successfully used on the Boeing 707 AWACS, B737 Wedgetail, Peaceagle and P8 Poseidon programs
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